Reducing carbon emissions globally & locally

Our sister company Emissis is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of energy reduction solutions.  Emissis can guarantee to both reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. We help our customers to understand how they can use proven modern technology, and support services, to transition to net zero carbon operations.

Emissis deliver a suite of innovative, proven, energy reduction & efficiency technologies which includes their globally patented, award winning Coolnomix solution. Other Emissis energy reduction solutions include voltage optimisation (VO) which reduces electricity consumption and their new Gas Fuel optimiser (GFO).

In a world, increasingly dominated by rising energy prices and climate change, Emissis are proud to be working alongside some of the leading UK businesses supporting them on their journey towards net zero saving them millions in energy overspend and waste in the process.

Net Zero is coming

The UK and EU are legally bound to reach net zero by 2050 and several other major economies are doing the same. More businesses than ever before are now having to report on carbon emissions. Start your net zero journey today and reap the benefits sooner. We deliver a powerful suite of solutions that reduce your carbon emissions, save you money with lower energy bills and generate revenue from being a more flexible energy user with the help of today’s leading technology.

Now, more than ever, doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions is not an option, especially as the price of electricity continues to rise. Energy efficiency technology can make a difference. To find out how it works and to understand exactly how much our technology can save your organisation, book an online demo.

Our Solutions


Reduce the energy consumption of your air-conditioning and refrigeration without affecting the output you need.

Voltage Optimisation

Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously.

Maxwell HTF

Maxwell™ is an innovative heat transfer nanofluid additive which dramatically improves the energy efficiency of hydronic cooling & heating systems.

Gas Fuel Optimiser

The Emissis Gas Fuel Optimiser is a proven way to reduce Industrial, Commercial and Residential Fuel Costs.

EV Charging

Stay ahead of the curve and make sure you can provide the power your community of employees, visitors and customers need.

Renewables & Energy Storage

Protect your business from expensive power cuts and increasing electricity costs with cutting edge behind the meter batteries.

Case Studies

The Restaurant Group

Coolnomix Technology Reduces Energy Consumption By 30% Across The Restaurant Group PLC. One Coolnomix AR – 01 refrigeration intelligent thermostat is saving TRG over 1460 kWh per annum and reducing CO2 by 730 kg.

DW – Fitness First

Fitness Centre Saves Energy

DW Fitness operates fitness centres and hotel facilities throughout the UK, with a keen eye on energy spend and a desire to improve efficiency without detracting away from a good quality experience.

NHS Coolnomix Case Study

Coolnomix technology is improving the energy efficiency of every AC & refrigeration unit across the NHS. Coolnomix units were installed at Broomfield, North Tees, Hull and North Devon NHS hospitals.

Frankie & Benny’s

We engaged with the client to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and meet carbon emission legislation. The Emissis Voltage Optimisation system was installed to return an energy saving of 12.8% and a payback well within two years.

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